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Hear it first hand from previous and current clients who have seen success and continue to see success through my methods and instructions.


“Working with Caleb has helped my pitching career significantly.  Before working with Caleb, my mechanics were non-existent as was velocity.  We worked weekly for half a year and I switched from a thrower to a pitcher.  My velocity increased from the low 80's to the upper 80's and into the low 90's.  Caleb is able to quickly understand what is wrong and help fix it.  As we worked on timing and separation, it was a direct result into my velocity increasing.  Not only did he help fix me, he taught me and I learned.  Caleb has worked hard with me and I have only great things to say about him and great experiences working with him."

-BEN BAKER (professional pitcher)​

 Kansas City, MO


        (Wade's 95mph pitch...welcome to the clubhouse Wade!)

“Coach Caleb was my summer 2012 baseball coach, since then I have had several private pitching lessons.  I have not only gained 5-6mph on my fastball but my accuracy has also improved.  The knowledge Caleb has given me, I am able to recognize when during a game, what I'm doing wrong, and I'm able to self correct.  This has been huge for me as a pitcher.  He has also given me lots of pointers on my pitching strategy and the sequence in which to throw my pitches.  I've made all of these improvements while pitching close to a complete high school game with little or no soreness at all.  I finished my fall school season wtih an ERA of 1.21 while averaging 7-8 strike outs per game."

-CODY ROBERTS (High School Senior:  positions include pitching, first base)​

 Licking, MO





"When Caden started with Caleb, he struggled with his pitching and hitting mechanics.  Caden had obvious flaws in his techniques and struggled to pitch more than two innings and was batting in the 7 or 8 hole in the line up.  With Caleb Balbuena's help and through Caden's hard work, Caden has developed into a talented Major baseball player.  Caden is the number one pitcher on his successful baseball team and bats either in the 3 or 4 hole in the lineup.  Caleb is very knowledgeable and stresses technique and body control.  Caden is able to make adjustments in the batter's box and on the mound without instruction from coaches due to the tremendous training he has received from Caleb.  Caleb Balbuena is a tremendous asset to baseball training and more importantly, Caleb is a man of integrity."

-COREY ROOT (Caden's dad and Head Coach Andrew County Kings)

 CADEN ROOT- 13 years old 

 Position/s:  Pitcher, Catcher, 3rd, 1st
 League:   USSSA Major

 St. Joseph, MO


"I have been working on hitting and pitching mechanics with Caleb for the past year or two now and have developed a lot from it. Before working with him I had a very basic/simple swing. I hit for a good average but never really hit for power. I was never really a big guy so I was satisfied with that. When I started working with Caleb, he immediately saw that I had a lot more power than what I've showed in the past. He saw that my hips and hands were starting to go at the same time which limited power and good contact with the ball. We started doing drills focusing on my hips starting before my hands, and quickly saw a lot more pop. Another thing he noticed was where my hands were when I would stride. I never really moved them from my stance into my stride. Certain drills focusing on the issue wasn't needed. He just told me to have a little bit of a shoulder tilt when I would stride, and just like that the problem was fixed.  Caleb has done tremendous things with me as a hitter, mentally and physically, but what he has really developed me into is a pitcher that has increased my velocity from 82 to 89 mph in just 10 months. Just like hitting, I was a pitcher with  very simple mechanics. I always had good success on the mound, but the amount of strike outs this year compared to other years doesn't even come close. The main thing Caleb changed in my mechanics was how I got down the hill. Originally I would have a short stride that didn't really consist of my back leg doing any work. Caleb and I did numerous of things that really made me use my back leg. My stride down the hill is probably four inches longer now then what it was.  This past year (summer of sophomore and junior year) I have had very many exciting opportunities. I made one of the best Missouri club teams there is, but wouldn't have even known about the opportunity if it wasn't for Caleb. If you are a guy that works with Caleb and wants to play baseball at the next level, Caleb is the man for the job."
-TREVOR MOECK - 16 years old​
Position: Pitcher​
St. Joseph, MO




“The first time I worked with Caleb was in the spring of 2011.  At the time I was      

 fresh out of college and I was sitting around 88 with an occasional 91 mixed in, and less

than impressive breaking stuff.  After spending several sessions with Caleb and getting a

lot of reps in between sessions, I am now sitting at 92 and hitting 95 with what scouts have

called a big league curve.  The fact is Caleb mastered his own mechanics and reached the

high 90's.  If you are trying to learn from somebody that never did it them selves you are

wasting your time.  Get with somebody who knows what they are doing. Get with Caleb."

-WADE MORRISON  (professional pitcher currently with Abilene Prairie Dogs- North American League)

 Sioux City, SD


"Working with Caleb throughout my years of pitching has helped me extremely.  Going in once a week with him has improved my game with simple adjustments that I didn’t know would help out.  I went from throwing only 79mph at the beginning of my sophomore year to now throwing 85mph as a junior.  The video analysis was a big help also.  Studying this video day in and day out looking at what I need work on the most to improve my mechanics and making my velocity and accuracy go up."

-DILLON MATTICE - 17 years old

 Position: Pitcher

 St. Joseph, MO








Wanted to give a big thanks to Caleb Balbuena for all of his technical knowledge and magic touch with the kids.

He is a great asset to NC Athletes Resource, and NC Biomechanics. Lucky to have such a great resource.  

Great opportunity to work with one of the best instructors around."

-Eric Green (owner NC Athletes Resource)​






"If you are trying to learn from somebody that never did it themselves you are wasting your time.                                                                                                    Get with somebody who knows what they are doing.  Get with Caleb."  -Wade Morrison (Professional Pitcher)  










New testimonial from Cole Evans, hitter, coming soon! 






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