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baseball instruction in el dorado hills, ca, pitching instructors in el dorado hills, ca

"It is easier to SHOW than it is to explain"         -Don Slaught of rvp


“I have known Caleb since 2003 and have witnessed the transition from professional pitcher to professional pitching coach.  I have worked in Professional Baseball with the Atlanta Braves for the past five years and I have worked with a lot of Major League and Minor League pitchers and pitching coaches.   I can honestly say, Caleb is truly a student of the game and has become one of the most knowledgeable pitching instructors I have ever consulted with.  He not only has an elite understanding of the biomechanical side of pitching mechanics, but an equal or greater gift for teaching how to fix the mechanical flaw so a pitcher can increase velocity, have better command and decrease the risk of injury.   Caleb was invited to our Spring Training complex this spring and helped perform an evaluation on one of our pitchers and he ended up increasing his velocity by 2-3 mph and had a great year without missing a start.  If you want to increase velocity, command and decrease the chances of injury, I would “HIGHLY’ recommend Caleb as the guy to help you achieve those goals!!”

Troy Jones  PT, CSCS

Atlanta Braves Minor League Rehabilitation Coordinator
ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex
Lake Buena Vista, FL


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"Yes you can buy a pitching analysis online but what you'll still be missing are the drills and in person instruction showing you how to implement the knowledge to cause change.  Anyone can draw lines and attempt to tell you what is wrong but can they physically get in front of you and show you how to fix it?  Have they ever done it themselves, I have.  I topped out at 98mph."   -Caleb Balbuena​

I am an experienced, highly qualified professional with excellent references.  I have over 13 years of professional baseball experience and a passion for all aspects of teaching dedicated players.  Additionally I have three years of experience working alongside a biomechanical specialist, Brandon Young (NCBiomechanics).  I offer a unique analysis through one-on-one instruction enabling players to see immediate results by gaining knowledge through science backed evidence on how to improve their game.


I offer professional, one-on-one, hitting and pitching instruction throughout California, Missouri, North Carolina and Arkansas.  Contact me today to schedule your group or solo lesson.  Video analysis packages are also available.  You can also choose to submit previously filmed footage for an analysis.


Click here to hear what former and current clients have to share about their experience with my instruction and approach.


"My first time working with Caleb was near the beginning of 2014. I was throwing 85-88, and occasionally hitting 91-92 but had absolutely no idea where the ball was going to end up once it was released from my hand. I couldn't even barely play catch with someone because they spent half the time chasing after the ball that I launched over their head. I had an inconsistent arm slot, and frankly just horrible mechanics, I didn't know how to properly throw the ball. My arm was always bothering me because I was throwing with “all arm” versus throwing using my body. It is now July of 2014 and I am throwing 96-99 consistently with good “down-hill” tilt on the ball, my arm never hurts, my body is throwing the ball, I can command, and I am throwing multiple pitches with a consistent arm slot. 

My entire baseball career has changed because of Caleb. Just a few months ago I was a struggling college pitcher, and as of a couple weeks ago I was being scouted by 10+ baseball organizations and am now signing through free-agency. Caleb is the only person I have ever been around that truly understands mechanics."


-Brandon Poulson - Pitcher

 Just signed with Minnesota Twins 7/2014


I am a 6'5 225 lb left handed pitcher and not even 3 months ago I was throwing 74-78 mph. That never really changed after 3 years of playing college baseball. I started working with Caleb in May 2014 and my velocity skyrocketed in a very short amount of time. My velocity readings in my last outing were 86-90 mph and I've had double digit strikeouts in 4 of my last 5 starts. 


-Holden King

 Pitcher- Sonoma Chilli Dogs


​"I've had the opportunity to work with Caleb Balbuena now for over three years. Caleb is by far the most knowledgeable pitching coach I have ever encountered. Caleb understands the physics of pitching beyond any pitching coach I have ever worked with. Beyond Caleb's knowledge of pitching biomechanics is his ability to make positive changes in a pitchers mechanics. Every pitching coach and biomechanical specialist for that matter will tell you how difficult it is to change a pitchers mechanics. Caleb is truly a pioneer in the field of pitching mechanics due to his inept ability to manipulate the body. If you want to throw a baseball competitively I highly recommend working with Caleb Balbuena."​​

-Brandon Young-PT

(owner NCBiomechanics)

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